Studio G, Daerick Gross Sr, and DW Gross
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Studio G is a provider of freelance commercial art and illustration services. Originally known as Dærick Gröss Studios, founder Dærick Gröss Sr. renamed the studio in the early 1990s to Studio G. His son DW Gröss merged his own commercial illustration studio into Studio G in 1996 and thus brought together two separately operating creative talents under one roof. First and foremost a commercial illustration house, Studio G also for a time evolved into an independent publisher of a small line of innovative and popular comic books in the early 2000s. Now entering a third generation of illustrators, this site exists to showcase both aspects of the studio; to act as an online gallery for the artists as well as a an informational and product-oriented site for the various comic titles available.

Any and all artwork displayed herein is © Studio G, Emjee, Dærick Gröss Sr., and/or Dærick W Gröss, and is solely the property of Studio G unless otherwise noted. Selected comic book samples are © their respective owners, and are posted here for portfolio display purposes only. Questions, comments, suggestions and broken link reports (please) can be sent to: